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Our grad sessions consist of 12 poses taken on various backgrounds wearing a graduation gown and your school colors. These also
include the graduation hat, diploma and a couple of casual photos. Your welcome to bring along a couple of props if you like. You will receive a brochure to read when you sign up for your appointment at the school, it will contain all of the information you need to have your photos taken. The following touches on some of the details.

Tips and Suggestions

Coordinate your outfits from the waist up, your feet will not be in the photo. Necklines – a V-neck is best for shorter necks and if your face is full. A collared shirt or blouse is better for a longer neck and slender facial features. Cover-up make up should be applied evenly and not too heavily. If the blemishes are still visible, we will retouch them on your prints. If your makeup is not even there is not much we can do even out skin tones. These are your photos, your memories, so we encourage you to bring your own props for your photo sitting. They bring out your personality. Bring in props from some of your hobbies (snowboards, sports equipment and uniforms, musical instruments, small pets…) If you have any questions about what is allowed or what can be photographed talk to your grad sponsor or speak to the photographer the day before your sitting.

Your Sitting Fee

The sitting fees vary from school to school. Some schools receive more products and services than others. The brochure you get from the school will tell you what the fee is for your school. We accept cash, cheques, Visa and MasterCard. Any students who do not bring their sitting will need to pay the fee before picking up their previews Your previews will be delivered to the school approximately 2 weeks after all students have been photographed. We will collect orders by the date marked on your order form.


Be sure that you are happy with your hair before coming in. Be sure to explain exactly what you would like done to your hair. Too many times do we hear the hairdresser did not get it right just before their photo session. Use your regular makeup, try not to ``cover-up`` blemishes, they will be retouched, and be sure the makeup is even all over your face. We cannot retouch color
changes between your neck and face. Heavy makeup is not necessary for photography, Just look natural, your photographs will reflect that Bring your make up for any last-minute touch-ups you might need. We start with a few casual photos and end the session with the graduation gown. We suggest you wear a white blouse with a small high collar for the traditional look or a V-neck top to achieve the bare neck look.


Try to get your hair cut 1 week before your photo session. Shave carefully to avoid nicks and cuts. If you get stubble in the early evening, shave a couple of hours prior to your session. Wash your face well to prevent glare. Choose a fresh, clean, pressed white shirt. Other light colors or subtle patterns can look good, but white is the best choice. Choose a tie that will
match or contrast the graduation gown and sash specific to your school. We do have shirts and ties if you do not have one.


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